Chichen Itza

Chichen Viejo

'Old' Chichen

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Beginning more than a kilometer south of Las Monjas is a series of temples, many in groups, in a part of the archeological zone known as Chichen Viejo or Old Chichen. INAH has restored many of these monuments, and there have been discussions about opening them in limited fashion to the public in 2008 (for current information, check the Chichen Itza Daily Blog and in the navigation bar on the left click on "INAH").

INAH has restored a group of buildings dedicated to the phallus, to owls and to monkeys. There is a giant altar in the shape of the turble that has been excavated. Also in Chichen Viejo is a stone lintel that contains glyphs with the oldest Maya date in all of Chichen: 619 a.d.

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