Useful Links

By Evan J. Albright

Other Chichen Itza Links

Wikipedia: I've rewritten several sections of this online article on Chichen Itza. Sometimes all my changes get deleted. It's the wacky fun of an online encyclopedia anyone can write.

Mesoweb: An eclectic, but rich, Web site devoted to Mesoamerica, with numerous pages (many by the top scholars in the field) devoted to Chichen Itza. Highly recommended.

Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies Inc. (FAMSI): An ever-growing repository of research into Mesoamerica. Plenty of material about Chichen Itza. Highly recommended.

Official Web Site of Chichen Itza (INAH): The Mexican agency in charge of its ancient ruins are slowly bringing the wealth of their knowledge to the Web. This site contains information in Spanish and English. However, it hasn't been updated in a while.

Virtual Tour of Chichen Itza (INAH): This site contains several 360-degree views of some of the monuments and sites. In Spanish

The Hacienda Chichen: The site for the Hacienda Chichen resort has a lot of history and other information about Chichen Itza.

Yucatan Adventure: This is an eco-tourism Web site affiliated of the Hacienda Chichen. You might even find articles by me on it--EJA.

ArchaeoPlanet: Archaeologist Lawrence Desmond is probably the world's greatest authority on Augustus Le Plongeon, who devoted much of his life to exploring Chichen Itza and the Maya Yucatan. Desmond has put up all his writings about Le Plongeon, including his book about the explorer, up for free on this site. Highly recommended.

The Ancient Maya

Mike Ruggeri's Mesoamerican Web sites: An up-to-date series of Web pages about anything scholarly going on in Mesoamerica or having to do with Mesoamerica. Highly recommended.

The Daily Glyph: Another rich Web site, along with an occasional blog about the Ancient Maya. Not a lot of Chichen material here, but highly recommended nonetheless.

Mundo Maya: Many interesting artcles about the Maya and Yucatan.


Merida Insider: If you're visiting Merida, Yucatan's capital, or even thinking of moving there, this is the site to visit first. Highly recommended.

Yolisto: Like Merida Insider, a forum of English-speaking folks either living in Yucatan or thinking about it.

Yucatan Living: The online magazine for expatriates about living, working, and traveling in the Yucatan. How good is their site? I wanted them to build this one. Highly recommended.--EJA

Yucatan newspaper Diario de Yucatan: The 'paper of record' for the Yucatan Peninsula. It's in Spanish, but has the most comprehensive coverage of the region, including Chichen Itza. If you can't find it here, try Por Esto! below.

Yucatan newspaper Por Esto!: Also in Spanish, this is Yucatan's tabloid. Covers everything the Diario de Yucatan won't touch, which can be a good and bad thing.

The Real Mexico: I really like this site, although only some of the information deals with Yucatan. But the design, look and feel are so clean, I wish I'd have built it myself.

Yucatan Blogs

Not the News: Want to know the real dirt about Yucatan from a gringo perspective? Not the News gives you another perspective of Merida and the region.

What do I do all day?: Theresa loses herself in her new life in Yucatan. Lot of great detail.

Debi In Merida: Debi's helped me out a couple of times with my research. She and her husband Tom retired to Merida, and both write about Merida from their own gringo perspective. Tom's blog only gets updated occasionally but Debi writes in her blog constantly.

Hammock Musings from Merida: This fellow is refreshingly frank about his life as an expatriate in Yucatan, and he has a bit of poetry in him as well.

Yucatan by Bicycle: I love this blog. John Grimsrud and his partner should retiring to a hammock but instead they pedal around the Yucatan Peninsula. This blog details their adventures.

BLAH BLAH BLAH GINGER!: Another expatriate blog by Mimi and Jonna.

Travel Information and Attractions

Yucatan Today: If you are traveling to Yucatan, you must visit this site. The owners have been in the business of making visitors happy for almost 20 years. Highly recommended.

Chichen Services: Offers packages based around the Hacienda Chichen.

Turismo Merida: The official site of the Yucatan capital Merida.

Travel Yucatan: Some good information in here, but you have to hunt for it--EJA.

Cancun--The Maya Gold Coast: The official site of the Cancun Visitors and Convention Bureau. Plenty of good information to be found here.

Visit Mexico: The official site of the Mexican Tourism Board.

Maya Yucatan: The official page of the state of Yucatan's Department of Tourism. It's sister site in Cancun (above) is better, and no music to crash your computer. But there's a lot of good info about Yucatan, which is the state Chichen Itza is in.

Lawson Tours: William Lawson is the creator of wonderfully wicked "Not the News" Web site. He'll also drive you around Yucatan and entertain you along the way. Highly recommended.

Hotels and Resorts

The Hacienda Chichen: It's where I stay when I'm in the area--EJA.

The Mayaland: Chichen Itza's first hotel. It's where I stay when the Hacienda Chichen is full--EJA.

Merida--Casa Del Balam: Never stayed here, but been here many times as a visitor. Great Web site.

Merida--Hotel Medio Mundo: Have stayed here and thoroughly enjoyed it. My wife and daughter had one of the best breakfasts of their life here--EJA.

Merida--Luz en Yucatan: I used to recommend this hotel, even though I've never stayed here myself--it was always full. The former owner was a delight. I'm told the new owners are running the place the same way.--EJA.

Other Interesting Links

Jesse Lerner's American Egypt: The name of this Web site comes from a 1909 book about Yucatan, but the inspiration comes from the man who introduced me to that book through his unique films, especially Ruins (1999). Highly recommended.

Jesse Lerner's blog: Jesse packs more thoughts into one post than I do in my entire blog. Plus, he writes in Spanish and English.

Links about Links

Michael Finley's Maya Links: A lot of Web sites listed here, and it seems to be up-to-date.

Mostly Maya links page: This is great site to poke around, but the links make it a must stop when researching the Maya.

University of North Texas Maya links: Another great resource.