About the Authors

Evan J. Albright is a writer living on Cape Cod. In addition to his frequent contributions to magazines and newspapers, he is the author of Cape Cod Confidential: True Tales of Murder, Crime and Scandal from the Pilgrims to the Present.

Chris Reeves lives in the Toronto area. He is the original author to the section of this Web site called "Ancient Cities of the Maya." The site was born in the late 1990s, after Chris visited Cancun with his future wife , Julie, and that sparked an interest in the Maya. Chris writes:

"I was complaining about the lack of information available on the Internet at that time regarding the Maya (There are many sites now!). I wanted to try and learn all of it, everything concerning the Maya, but I didn't know how to organize what I had learned in any useful format. Julie knew I was an aspiring website designer and suggested 'Why don't you build a website where you can organize what you learn as you go?' And that's where the idea came from."

AmericanEgypt.com creator Evan Albright stumbled across Chris's Web site while researching his book about the modern history of Chichen Itza. Chris had just taken down his Web site after several years. Evan approached Chris and asked to adapt "Ancient Cities of the Maya" for AmericanEgypt.com. The result is found here.